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Saturday, February 18, 2006

SPOTLIGHT - My Stray Kitties - ajoyfullheart

OOOH, I found this LO while surfing around the 3Scraps gallery -- how CUTE is this LO! Those little kitties are sooooooooo cute! Love that photo. The journaling is great! Now, my favorite part -- all the papers! They are all scattered and angeled perfectly and are SOOOOO MUCH FUN! This LO is right up my ally so had to share!

Designer - ajoyfullheart
LO Link: My Stray Kitties
Credits: Kit used is Jawbreaker by MandaBean over at The Digi Chick

Friday, February 17, 2006

Unrectangle related news

OK, I told you all last week, I started back at Do It Digi after a brief (ok, not so brief) hiatus. Well, the news gets better -- I was accepted at 3scrapateers! I am super excited, I have enjoyed that site for a long time! I love posting my LOs there -- I always get so much love. Now I will have to give out love to all people in the galleries there (I usually do try to spend some time commenting anyways). SOTB will always be my first home -- I love it there. The site owner is great at nuturing new talent -- great designers to support each other -- and well just fun! But now I get to make a new family too!

So, wow, now on top of designing, working FT, being a Mom and blogging -- I have another store lol. I think I am going to try to launch exclusives in each spot, SOTB - Digitals, 3Scrapateers and Do it Digi so I spread my love everywhere. Oh, on top of that, I still have my Rakscraps CT duties. Whef ;)

Join me later for a new spotlight rectangle -- I found some nice ones again and having a hard time picking just one!

OMG! Editing to say I already have a kit in the store! woohoo!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Secret to Stunning 6X4 Cards / Brag Book Layouts!

Keeping this up -- it is the info I gave in my crop last night and thought it may help you all :)

Here is my secret to making stunning 6X4 LOs, without having to resize every paper and element!

Shhhh.. don't tell everyone (haha)....

  1. Ok, Open up a canvas -- instead of 12X12, make it 12 X 8 (or 8 X12)
  2. Drag and drop the papers you want -- You should get a really good representation of the paper, only loosing a few inches :) You can resize if you want - but not needed.
  3. Drag and drop your elements -- no resizing really necessary since the designer created them for a 12X12 canvas anyways -- so they should be fairly close to the size you want.
  4. Plop your picture on your page just as you normally would -- here, the important thing is to really be picky with your photos. Try to use close-ups as much as possible. It is also OK to use multiple photos if you are cropping them really close in - believe me, I have done it and they look awesome. The reason you want close-ups is because your print will be 6X4, so you don't want anything really small.
  5. OK, when you are done your LO - Simply resize it and save it as a JPG -- you can resize it to 6X4 ! Voila, a perfect LO that you can use as a card or you can create a great portable brag book.

Need an inspirational sketch for your RAK card -- look no further!


Hey all, come join me and my friend Christine for our CREATE A CARD crop -- a RAK WEEK event at SOTB. I will show you all my TRADE SECRET tip of how to create an awesome 6X4 card, without CONSTANTLY resizing all the papers and elements! For more information, visit

Also, I think I am getting pretty close at finalizing the logistics of my BIG CONTEST for this blog. I hope to make the official annoucement by Monday! Stay tuned, it should be exciting!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


OK, those of you who follow my blog, know that I am a real sucker for LOs with sleeping baby pics! So, it is by no shock that when I saw this LO in the gallery, I fell totally in love. The photo is absolutely adorable! I love how it takes up the full width of the page - it is framed wonderfully with the ribbons. Also, I love how there is a lot of use of elements in this LO, yet still has some white space to acccentuate the joournaling (oh, how I love journaling, I need to get better at it). Anyways, I had to share this LO as a spotlight for sure!

Designer: kewl jive
LO and Link: Sweet Dreams
Credits: 2 Cute 2 B 4 Got 10 kit by Christy Sturm-Butternug Squash Designs {motherhood-unscripted} Jellies by Hunibuni

Valentines LO from Me

OK, I have to post these, I did the 4 of them in a total of 1.5 hrs -- so kinda a record for me. I decided to do them last minute -- so had to rush. They aren't my best work, but heck, anything with Cassidy in it is cute lol. I am gonna post a new spotlight later today --- and stay tuned, I am ironing out plans for a BIG contest to get you rectangles out there scrapping (and to tempt you squares at trying a few LOs yourself)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

mRs. GaToR -- u R a WiNnEr

Oh Mrs Gator - I drew your name for a lovely prize from me :) Thank you for entering this GREAT LO based on my sketch! Drop me an email at to claim your prize :)

Here is a link to her LO everyone - take a look and leave a comment

Monday, February 13, 2006

Newest Sketch

Here it is -- gonna try my hand at this one myself later on :)

Album Review

I will admit, I am a cheapo and have just a plain walmart album that I put page protectors in, but Tania has an AWESOME review on her blog for the albums she uses. I may have to splurge and order me one from somewhere as I haven't seen any here in Canada - Read her review

Monday - New Sketch Day

Hey Today is new sketch day -- so I will be posting a new one. If you did a LO with last week's sketch, let me know so I can add it to the draw which I will do later tonight or tomorrow morning (so not too late to get yours in)

Snowed last night so didn't feel like braving the roads so I have Cassidy at home with me today while I work from home. Thank godness for Dora, gives me some time to get my work done or while I am on conf calls.

So, expect the usual slew of posts from me for Monday -- just maybe spread out a little

Awesome color picker

Hey guys,

I wanted to link you to a cool color picker -- looks yucky on the blog - so I will link to a Designer friend who has it on her website -