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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two great desingers with rectangles

I wanted to post a little shout out for my fellow rectangle scrappers / designers who are offering templates.

Check out Christine Nash's rectangles at ACOT. Christine is a good friend of mine and well recognized for her awesome stitching (which you can find here). Christine's templates work with all programs (which I must say, which is why I added PNGs to my last sketch)

Also, Kerri, you will recognize her from some of her LOs posted on this blog! She is one of my converts (hehe -- evil laugh) -- I think she is pretty hooked on rectangles now lol. Check them out!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Renewed my template download

Just an FYI that I renewed my sketch template ;)

LOs with this week's sketch -- and winner

First order of business, Kerri I couldn't find a home for your cute puppy, but you won a kit from me :) Email me :)

This week's sketches are already coming in -- I am loving them!

lorimcg64's Vintage Me

Monday, September 11, 2006


Well, time for a new layered sketch for you all -- this time, I included PNG pieces as well for those of you who can't use PSDs or TIFFs :) It is kinda a sneak peak into my new pack that I will be releasing sometime this week.

As always, please drop me a note to or post here if you use this -- you will be entered into a draw for a free kit :) I will do the draw later tonight from the people who sent me a LO with last week's sketch!

Download this sketch! (renewed Sept 12 @ 1:11 AST)

Added new stuff

OOOH, I don't usually took my own horn, but I am digging my recent ads to SBE -- These GIANT Letter Patches are pretty cool! I am doing a LO for each letter of Cassidy's room and hanging them -- I plan on putting a different pic from birth -- spaced about 6 months apart. I will be doing them in Pink and Purple as we just painted her new room. But, you can see the sample one I did -- which is pretty kewl too. Each letter is about 10X10, plus you get all the accessories as well -- Get the whole set for $5.95 - Go Check it out!!

I also added a mini called Pretty as a Princess -- I am thinking I will be using this kit for her letters, I am not 100% sure yet, I am letting her "pick" so who knows what this 2.5 year old will pick - only $3.95 - Come check it out!