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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Check it out! This was a gift to me by my most awesome designer friend Christine Nash -- you may know her as the creator of Simply Stitching (and if you are in the need of stitching, she has awesome stuff at SOTB , Digitals and 3Scrapateers and Pixel-Expression)

It was made by a talented designer Rina Kroes -- check out her store at 3scrapateers -- if you are looking for a unique avatar of your own, here is where you can get them.

Check it out -- Pocket Kings, I am known around town as the Queen of Kings, so this is so very appropriate! Love it!!

More rectangles

We are now 31 of 290 or 10.5 % and deadline has passed. Let's cross our fingers that lots of these rectangles move to the next round!!

Baby Blues
Dandelion Wishes
You are my sunshine
In the sweetness of fr...
Girlfriends are great ...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hey rectangles, get scrapping!

Edited -- wohoo -- adding 3 more -- we are at 25
Be Beautiful Be you

Interesting statistic. In the USC -- there are 22 rectangles of the 240 LOs! That is only 9% -- come on -- get your rectangle LOs submitted folks! I am wondering what % of us rectangles will move on.

Go him them some love people!
laugh out loud
That Look
Discovering Myself
afternoon delight - ...
Fowl Play - week1
Forever Love
Genuine Smile
Go Quietly
Spring Time Anniversar...
Waiting for you
Outlook on Life
Playing in the sand
Essentially You
Catching The Wind
nothing more
Where Are You Going?
..... and of course, mine - Unconditionally

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I did it -- Way outside my norm

OK, since I was struggling -- I stepped back and thought to myself why did I enter the Ultimate DigiScrapper? Well, to get some LOs done (accomplished -- I have 3 new LOs just from yesterday), to have some fun and to maybe challenge myself to learn some new things. SOOOOOO, I decided this morning, I have always wanted to try LOs that have a lot of brush work or blending. I tried once or twice before and I always gave up -- so I made myself complete this one. I was still a little unsure on whether to enter it or not, because it is so outside my comfort zone that I don't even know it is any good -- but I am proud I got it to the point I was even done, so I entered it. I don't imagine with all the entrants I will make it to the next round, but who knows, at least I can say I learned something new :)

Here is my LO

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not much new

Not much new here -- Cassidy has been sick again -- she is running a fever and just not feeling good so I stayed home with her today and tried to balance her and work. Trying to scrap for the Ultimate Digi Scrap challenge but am totally not getting I LO I like enough to upload. Got lots of other LOs done though (or partially) so at least it isn't a waste. I think it is cause I have scrapped all my REALLY good pics I love -- so I am working with ones I "like" and so can't get really enthused. Plus, wow! Have you seen the entrants -- how can I compete. I feel like I need a real WOW rectangle to pop out among all those gorgeous squares. Oh well, we will see, maybe I will get inspired or maybe I will just pass

Monday, May 01, 2006

Lots of updates!

Newest Sketch - #19
Hey guys, here is my latest sketch! As always post or email me with your LO :)

I love to scraplift, so I started a new challenge at Digitals -- it will be monthly. I think I will start one at SOTB as well, but for now, check it out, come scraplift with me (This month happens to be a rectangle scrapper lol)

SPOTLIGHT - maggieandmommy - Chicken Taco Girl

I needed to spotlight this LO for all to see -- this is maggieandmommy's first delve into a rectangle LO. Look at how beautiful it is -- it popped right out of the gallery at me and into my favs to spotlight. I think she has achieved great balance here -- large photo on one side balanced by journalling on the other. Her journaling really brought a smile to my face -- so cute -- and the picture is just perfect. What a gorgeous kit she selected -- and to use B&W photo really makes it pop.

Designer: maggieandmommy
LO Link:Chicken Taco Girl
Credits: Valerie Fowler's Clear Acetate Alpha (the M on the picture).
Overlay on peach paper from AmyJo Smith's Touchy Feely Overlays 4.
Papers from Cassie Stephens' Live kit.
Fonts: MA Sexy and Milk & Cereal.