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Saturday, January 07, 2006

New LO - This time from rsk

This LO was done for part of my Toy challenge @ Rakscraps.

Designer Credit: rsk - Singing Dog
Kit credit: delight in the simple things kit by Taran Conyers

I really like this LO - I find that the pictures are absolutely adorable - the journaling is great. Most of all, I like the composition though - the main photo on the top is balance out with the ribbons on the right and the smaller pic/journaling. I am totally into the little Tags - they are absolutely adorable.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Another great Rectangle Blog

Have to post this - I know Mish from Rakscraps and she is awesome! She has started a rectangle blog too - Mish does a lot of wonderful portrait Rectangles while lately my focus tends to be landscape. So, we should be a good duo -- check out her blog here -

I've done it - I scrapped again

OK, I don't think I have scrapped since completing that HUGE brag Book of Cassidy (like 30 Los) before Christmas. So, I guess I started with this! The pic was actually taken by Cassidy - man, when they say the camera takes the pic, they aren't bluffing. This was my Christmas present (Digital Rebel) and I think Cassidy was getting a little curious - or annoyed - who knows ;)

Credit: Ginger Thibodeau (yeah me, I know blatant self-promotion) Mockingbird Hill Kit . I made this kit eons ago and never did scrap with it.

OK - look at those beautiful eyes Cassidy has! Uh oh, I think I will be in for trouble when she is a teen ;) Oh yeah, I should probably mention - that is ME in the pic :) (in my Boxing Day best)

Another beautiful sleeper

I have had this LO bookmarked for quite some time. It is among my all time favorites!

Designer - c0r1nn3 at RAKSCRAPS
Title: GoodBye Naptime

What do I like about this LO? Well, what don't I like -- I pretty much love every little thing lol. Honestly though - the picture has a dreamlike quality to it. The use of Black and White really accentuates this. Look at those lashes! Wow! The use of white space is very effective for drawing the focus into the picture and journaling -- And the arrangement of the color bars really draws me into those gorgeous lashes and cute little mouth. My favorite part of this LO though is the journaling. As all great journaling should, it really tells a story - a lot of people struggle with journaling and this is a GREAT example of how you can do it well. Just type out what you are thinking - type as though you are telling a story to the subject.

Now, how can you look at a LO like this -- and still wanna be square lol. I know I have squares over here - I will tempt to to the dark side yet ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wow! Beautiful LO!

Here is a beautiful LO that hopefully novita doesn't mind me spotlighting with everyone!

This LO is called Flowers of Life - Credit: LO Designer novita and Kit : Sketchy Floral by Heidi Smith at Scrap Outside the Box.

Look at the composition in this! The ribbons and lace perfectly frame that gorgeous picture! The angle of the picture for some reason really draws me into the LO and makes me feel a little bit of wonder. The kit selection is absolutely beautiful as well! The Title just tops it off.

I have been a long time admirer of novita's LOs at Rakscraps - she scraps one beautiful rectangle. Doesn't it make you long to step outside your square??

Wednesday, January 04, 2006



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I'm Not Square

Well, I have done it. I have entered into the world of blogging. I did have one failed attempt last year -- and well, considering it failed, you know how well that went. I think the main thing was - I am just not very interesting -- so honestly, I had nothing to say.

So, I have been toying with an idea of starting an inspirational spot for those of you scrappers who are JUST NOT SQUARE! What do I mean? Well, I myself am a rectangle scrapper - I scrap mainly 8X10 but recently did up a BRAG BOOK for Christmas in 6X4 (which everyone loves because it was a portable version of my scraps). I have scrapped 12X12 before - I quite often will scrap this size when I am doing a RAK or a Layout for someone else - but although I *think* I am ok with it, my brain just wants to make everything into a rectangle lol.

So, are any of you out there plagued like me? Do you have a hard time finding other 'rectangle' scrappers out there? Have a hard time adapting sketches to your prefered canvas -- or finding any sketches to inspire you? Well, look no further - join my cult --- errr, Blog ;) I have bookmarked many great scrappers out there to inspire everyone - hey, maybe you have inspired me!

So, I will try to post as often as I can -- Please keep on the look out as I may find one of your LOs inspirational and chose to have everyone else oooh and awwww along with me.

So, for my first entry - I will self-promote hehe. I have added one of my favs over the last little while right here in the blog- It is titled SLEEP TIGHT and was done with pictures taken from my cell phone camera (and majorly edited) - Credit: Sleep Tight Kit - Ginger Thibodeau - Scrap Outside the Box.

Here are links to my most populated galleries - hopefully you may see something you like :)

SOTB Gallery

Ginger Thibodeau
Independent designer at Scrap Outside the Box and Digitals
CT at Rakscraps