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Friday, August 25, 2006

Not much new with me today

Well, not much new with me today -- I added a few new items (and new sketches) to my stores at SOTB, 3Scraps and Digitals. Oh, I also have a $2 sale over at 3Scraps on many of my kits to celebrate their Grand Reopening.

I am starting my search of the galleries to find some rectangles to spotlight :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Renewed my Links

Hey Guys,

I renewed my links for my downloads again :)

Also, if you like my layered sketch and you want to catch up with some of the sketches I had in the past on my blog -- please check out My RUSQUARE Layered Sketches currently @ SOTB :)

(PS, I also have 2 new kits in the store at SOTB as well that were done as part of the Swatch Swap that the designers had! Check those out as well if you get the chance)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One more Gift

OK, Can ya tell I missed my blog while I was busy at work? Here is another small gift -- it is a quick page (insert your photo beneath the PNG layer) using my Catch Some Coral Kit at SBE and the Layered Sketch you can find below (I renewed the link BTW). It is 12X8, so when you save it after you put your photo in, resize it to 6X4 and add it to the brag book I know you are all STARTING for Christmas hehe

New Link to Download QP (updated 8/23 @ 7:06 am EST)

Monday, August 21, 2006

My gifts were popular

hey all -- woohoo! My gifts were popular today -- already more then 100 downloads each. I have the files on my laptop @ work -- when I get to work in the am, I will reload both the layered template and the story board :)

EDITED: I added new links for the gifts :) I will try to monitor and keep them up for @ least another few days :)

One more Present to my Bloggers

OK, since I have been taking my photoclass, I am trying to think of presentations of just the photos -- without scrapping them lol (I am finding sometimes my scraps are so pretty I am losing the focus on the picture). So, here is a Story Board I just did up to display 3 5X7s -- it is 10 X20 and I found some frames easily to fit this size and just signed up @ a spot that will print this size as well. Woohoo.

So, me being the nice person I am (ha ha), I decided to share with you :) As always, would love to see any story board you create with it :)
New Download Storyboard Template #1 (new link 08/23 @ 7:48 am)

If expired, Storyboard Template #2

Guess who is back - New Sketch

OK, I am BACK!

Now, I have been wanting to do layered sketchs for a long time, and never got around to it. Now, since I have been beaten to the punch, I will swallow my pride and do it anyways! Since I am a die-hard rectangle, and I am sticking to what I know. So, hopefully my niche is out there. I will be converting a lot of my sketches as time goes on -- but every week, I will also give my bloggers the newest template here free :)

So, don't hit me, but Christmas is coming up. So, I am going to focus on my ever so popular 6X4 Brag Books -- I want you to build yours with me! I promise, if you make one of these and give it out as a gift at Christmas, you will be SUPER SUPER popular. I certainly was -- and what an afforable gift considering you can print 6X4s for as low as 15-20 cents each!

So, here it is, this week's sketch -- JPG version and layered sketch as well. The layered sketch is 12X8 (so you don't have to constantly resize your paper and elements) so when you save your final work, you can resize it down to 6X4 :)

New Link: DOWNLOAD LAYERED SKETCH (08/23 @ 7:52 am AST)

Please, if you use it, as always, let me know and I will enter you in a draw to win a free kit by me :)