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Friday, August 18, 2006

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing guys, it was a GREAT pick me up! I realized it wasn't just I was exhausted yesterday, but had my monthly visitor come this morning -- so that must have been the extra blues (and super sensitivity).

So, I am getting ready to dive right back into things (I had half thought I wanted a break from scrapping yesterday -- lol, told ya I was being super sensitive (I had applied at SBB but didn't make the cut so was having a pity party lol) -- Glad I came to my senses. 3Scraps is having a huge BASH soon -- so I am hoping to get some things up for it and a super wicked Sale.

So, if anyone has any ideas for great kits, let me know, send me a color swatch -- if I make something with your swatch/theme, I will give it to ya free :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cut is over

Woohoo! The project I am on cut last night -- went fairly smooth. Can't wait to be able to focus again on scrapping and blogging and designing. I have only had a few hours sleep (was up til 4) and then Cassidy was awake at 6 (I decided to keep her for the day and work from home). So, not too well rested.

Dunno if it is lack of sleep, but I am kinda in a downer mood -- someone share some LO links of great work you have done to cheer me up if anyone is reading. I haven't designed anything in what seems like ages, I haven't scrapped and I have TONS of pics since i have been taking my photo class.

Well, hope you all have an awesome day -- be on the look-out for more frequent updates from me :)