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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Found myself another fav rectangle

OK, I have found myself another fav rectangle scrapper. I have spotlighted her before -- but I am so drawn into her LOs I have to spotlight her again -- It is maggieandmommy. I so love her soft style -- all her LOs are just so beautiful. Her little girl is so absolutely adorable as well.

Ok, so look at this LO -- know what I love the most? Is it the heartfelt journaling? Nope, I love that too -- you have to read it, great journaling -- not overly mushy, just the right amount hehe. Is it the gorgeous kit she selected -- nope, but I love that too! It is the neat way she titled it, the awesome composition? Nope, but again, she has a great eye! What I LOVE the most is the picture she selected -- I am so drawn to pictures of my daughter Cassidy where she is not looking at the camera -- and use them a fair bit -- so when I saw this LO I was like -- awwwww! Love it! You don't need to have your subject looking right at you -- look how this picture selection makes you feel like you are the little girl. GREAT GREAT SCRAP!

Designer - maggieandmommy
LO Link - Simple Delight

Haven't dropped off the face of the earth --- yet

Just when I thought I would have more time to blog -- my computer went haywire and I had to format everything. So, I have been working at that the last few days and think I have finally got it back up and running. Couldn't even update from work as I have been super super busy. Darn work!

I miss designing and scrapping -- this sucks! Well, hopefully over the next few days I will be back up and running with everything. I have about 2000 emails to catch up on too. Yikes!

I hope everyone is ok and still having fun without me!