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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Coupon for my readers

Hey all -- I have a $2 coupon good to end of month at SOTB on my products! May be the right time to get my layered sketches :) The coupon code is ginger2c

I renewed

My link in the download for the sketch is renewed guys :)

I also just added at new Sketch Set to SOTB :) You can check it out (#5) here

Will renew

Hey guys, I will renew the layered sketch download -- should be up within an hour or so soon as I get a minute! Check back :)

This week's layers sketch

Hey guys, as promised, here is this week's sketch :)

Download here (renewed @7:10 pm ast 09/20)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sorry I am late

I will be posting my new layered sketch tonight -- Dan pulled his hamstring and have been on vacation helping him out. PLUS, I had my first photoshoot (Dan's Boss & Family) so have been trying to get those proofed too. Fun Fun, but alas, tonight I should have some free time!!