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Friday, September 08, 2006

Spotlight - 1967jodie

I saw this LO and fell in love. I really love white space and clean simple LOs (altough, I can't say I excel at them myself.) I think this photo is so sweet and I love how she wrote the names around the main photo. The torn paper is awesome.

1967jodie's - Names

Thursday, September 07, 2006

LO with this week's sketch!

Isn't this adorable? This poor little guy is looking for a home! Kerri -- maybe someone here can adopt him ;) --

Can I go home with you? by Kerri

CT SPotlight - mcardall

OK, I have some really awesome CT members - in fact, I think I have the best CT ever! PLUS a lot of them are rectangle scrappers or do both.. is that a coincidence? I am not sure, most of them have been with me since my very first CT call more then a year ago. Oddly, 3 of them have a DD around the same age as Cassidy too lol. They are all super nice, super supportive and I want to show them off to you. I think they will inspire you like they do me. So, I will spotlight them over the next week or so -- You squares out there -- I have some awesome Square LOs I will show you as well!

So, my first one will be Meredith Cardall - mcardall -- She actually joined my CT when I begged her on this blog (haha, seriously, I have been a long-time admirer and followed her scraps on rakscraps).

So, I can't show you all her stuff lately, because she has been pumping out amazing LO after amazing LO. Check out her gallery here - mcardalls RAKSCRAPS Gallery. BUT, I will show you some of my recent favorites -- and even those are hard to narrow down. Her style is fun and clean and her daughter is oh so sweet.

Sleepy - using my Dreaming in Technicolor Kit

Upwardly Mobile using my Catch Some Coral Kit

Getting Comfy - using my Bath Time kit

Sunflower Fun

A few months back, I teamed up with Jennifer Trippetti and we came up with this awesome Sunflower Fun kit. Well, today only, it is 50% off (so $2.88) and would be PERFECT for this time of year! Go check it out!

Sunflower FUN link

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SINEAD! You reading? You won!

You won my draw for using my sketch from last week! Drop me an email to claim your prize! Thanks for using my sketch guys! I love them. Be sure if you have used my sketch this week to post your Link or email me (Blogger looks like it cuts the link to those of you reading, but I do get the full link)


I am officially resuming my rectangle spotlights! Check by every day for a little inspiration!

OK, I went gallery surfing for some rectangle inspirations for you all -- I love to do that. Today, i really wanted to find someone new -- a new rectangle scrapper or someone I haven't had the in the spotlight before -- but I just CAN'T HELP spotlighting this LO --- I did a similar one when Cassidy turned one and It has always been a fav of mine -- so I can't pass up spotlighting this LO!

Aleri's First Year in Review by dawneephay

Renewed the Template Link

Just an FYI the template link was renewed this morning -- :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today is my Monday

I know it is Tuesday, but it is really Monday to me because of the long weekend ;) So, I am really not late in theory haha.

So, I have another layered sketch for you all -- I will also be doing a draw from the people who submitted a LO using last week's sketch so keep an eye out for that.

Today's sketch comes from my RUSQUARE Layered Sketches Set #4 -- you can follow this lnk to see my sketch packs. I started converting them into squares too for those of you who I can't convince to try a rectangle.

Link to my Sketches

Link for the Free Download (renewed 09.06 @ 3:20 AST)