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Friday, February 10, 2006

LO Share: What is a blessing

I attended Alisha Hess's DOTB crop tonight at Scrap Outside the Box and thought I would post the fruits of my labour -- since it is my 4th LO today and I can't post the others lol. Hopefully, I am not turning people off with my own rectangles -- I guess I am always spotlighting myself. Can't help it - look at that gorgeous girl and tell me you wouldn't wanna spotlight her lol.

Designer: Me - Ginger Thibodeau
Credit: Alisha Hess's For the Love of Violets at Scrap Outside the Box
Journaling by me :)

Those of you published before..

OK, I don't know how you do it! I just finished three Layouts for the Rakscraps newsletter -- one of them I am really really pleased with it! I just want to go out and put it in all my galleries and can't lol. How do you hold off on posting your LOs that you submit for publication -- and how long do you hold-off on them? Just wondering, there are a few I would have liked to publish before, but just can't stop from posting lol

SPOTLIGHT - lunafaerie - riding your bike

Since I have no boys to scrap - I love to admire boyish scraps (when I say no boys, I mean NO BOYS. I have 1 daughter -- and NINE NIECES -- not a single boy. Which is why my parents say I am still on the hook to try for another).

I fell in love with the soft, boyish feel of this LO. The colors are so soft and beautiful -- I totally love how one of the photos is B&W (I see a slight sepia) and the other color. Love how she hung one of the photos off the main one, and left it color. The use of elements here is top notch! Great Great scrap. There are plenty of awesome inspirations for rectangle scrappers in her gallery!

Designer: lunafaerie
LO: Riding your bike
Credits: Robin Cabana and Tania Cordova's Good Boy Kit at Scrapdish

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Added new resources

I found another site with some sketches - so I added it to the rectangle resources on the right side :) (Simple Scrapbook) -- a link to a gallery of my sketches are also there.

OMG, I am beginning to feel like a little puppy -- you know when they get all excited to see you home at the end of the day, and you go an pat them and they piddle on the floor. That is me! I was reading Digi Pick of the Day and noticed yesterday's spotlight was one of the rectangle scrappers I spotlighted AND Melissa mentioned my Blog (and .. I must say.. I think I am tempting her into rectangles -- take a look at the last few picks she has done hehe.. maybe I am getting in her head). I was so floor to see my Blog there -- and so very very honored that she would have even read my blog to begin with! Wow!

OK, enough for my rant -- I am trying to think up of a cool contest to get some rectangle out there scrapping. Maybe a rectangle idol hehe. Any ideas? Fire them to me if you have any.

Anyone out there having major problems with blogger? I am starting to get mad -- thinking I may splurge and get type-pad -- dunno what the hubby would think of that -- a monthly expense for what he thinks is me 'talking to myself'. Hmmm.. come to think of it, I do sometimes feel like I am talking to myself - blogging is kinda strange at that. I do know I have my regs that pop in a visit -- but mostly, I sit here and talk to myself. Oh well, when I start talking back to myself, then I will know I have a problem ;)


SPOTLIGHT - Angela - She is blessed by God

I had intended on using one of my bookmarked LOs for today's spotlight, but was crusing through the digi chic and came across this LO! And wow! I just had to put it up right away.

Look at the use of angles and patters in this LO - it totally makes it pop out of the gallery especially with the use of black space. That photo is just amazing! There isn't one thing I can say I don't like about this LO! I am sure you will all agree with me as well. There are some other really great rectangles in her gallery as well.

Designer: Angela
LO: She is Blessed by God
Credits: Heart's Desire Kit by the new Chick Designers

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spotlight - Lizzie19 - Hush

Wow! The photo on this page is so very sweet and innocent. It really captures a special moment. Now, how this scrapper scrapped it is equally as soft and sweet. Amazing! The papers are so beautiful, the tile and font work compliments it nicely - the way she rounded the pictures and mattes also gives it a really nice, soft, curvy feel. Well done. This scrapper scraps both rectangles and squares beautifully! You need to check her out!

Designer: Lizzie19
LO: Hush
Credits: Love Notes by Doris Castle at Scrapbook-Elements and Stitch by Kim Hill of CG Essentials

My Hump(s) My Hump(s)

Hey guys! It is hump day (wednesday) and everytime I think of it now, I get that song "My humps" in my head by blackeyed peas. Played Poker last night - didn't win any money - but finished 6th of 21. Not bad, just call me Bubble Girl (this means that place before the pay out). Feeling better today except have the beginnings of a migraine. I am also trying to start a new kit -- and and running dry into the creative well.

Gonna dig out a LO to spotlight today from my rectangle tickle trunk. Stay tuned

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sketch #6

Here is my latest sketch - as usual, post a comment with your link or email me if you use this sketch to get a chance to win a free kit :)

Also, I didn't cheat this time -- I did a LO too hehe. I finally used my Wait a Minute Mr Snowman Kit!

Sorry I was late, haven't been feeling myself - tucky tummy aches and exhausted! I am excited to have finished two kits though that were uploaded today :) Also, I will be selling some of my kits at Do it Digi again - I was there before and had to take a hiatus - but am back :)

Winner of Sketch #5

Congrats Raji and thanks for using my sketch! You are this week's winner! Woohoo! Email me to claim your prize :) Be sure to comment on her LO here

Monday, February 06, 2006


OK, Yahoo eat some of my email, so if you have done a sketch with last weeks sketch (see it there) can you drop me an email at I will keep submissions open until tomorrow. I am recovering from Superbowl - so I will take a few advil and will work on a sketch for today. I did a photo shoot at the parc with Cassidy Saturday -- almost all our snow is gone here (hard to believe I am in Canada - this is the mildest winter I have ever seen -- shouldn't jinx it though) -- wanna get to scrapping those too since I have the day off work. Got some new spotlights I wanna do too, I have so many I could probably post TWO a day lol.

I am working on links to galleries that are rectangles -- I need you guys! Let me know if you are a rectangle scrapper!

So, in short, stay tuned for lots to come today :)