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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kinda neat

I am a comment junkie -- when I post a LO, I think I must go back every hour to see if I get comments. Anyways, yesterday, I was working from home and Cassidy was with me. I was in my USC entry and she pointed to the screen and said "Mommy's eyes" -- I was shocked that she could recognize me from my eyes. Maybe that is normal for a two year old, but still kinda neat none the less.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I completed my Round 2 USC LO

I finished it -- simplicity at its best. I hope my photo is ok, I got a little creative ;)

Into my Eyes

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sample to Download

OK guys, I left it up until it hit my stores. So, it is now in my SOTB Store (here) and 3Scraps store (here) -- BUT I am leaving up a nice sampler for you :)

Download here -

USC Results

Hey Rectangles! Congrats!! First off, I must say, I loved every single rectangle LO entered. You should all feel very proud of what you scrapped whether you made it on or not.

Out of the 31 who entered as rectangle LOs, 20 advanced!!! That is 65% of all rectangles advanced to the next round!! WOW!!! (or 20/201)

Hats go off to these winners :) (PS, I made it -- woohoo)

Angela Proof
Krash Dandelion Wishes
annaelycm In the sweetness of fr...
Bertalander Be Beautiful Be you
DebAngel23 Adorable
*Cammy* laugh out loud
aneal You
lunafaerie That Look
Rynonut_Mom afternoon delight - ...
TiffLB Goofballs
Plucky Forever Love
AmyK Go Quietly
Imanisasa Spring Time Anniversar...
Boopba Essentially You
tiffbrady Catching The Wind
isaac&iansmomma Swing
mummakat Attitude
DebF nothing more
sadiebeth799 Where Are You Going?
GingerT Unconditionally

Man, I need some ideas for the next round and some luck -- we have to scrap a pic of ourselves -- the challenge is Through Your Eyes . I think I have a few ideas -- but so far, in my mind, it is a LO again very different from my usual style -- probably because I am not usually the subject and I see myself in very different ways then I see my cute adorable 2 yr old.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

BBQ and waiting on news of USC

Well, we finally got our BBQ out today and had the family over. Took a pic of Cass I will have to post later -- man, I need to get her a haircut but last time she freaked out. Any suggestions?

Wonder how many rectangles will move on tonight on USC -- I hope all !