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Thursday, September 07, 2006

CT SPotlight - mcardall

OK, I have some really awesome CT members - in fact, I think I have the best CT ever! PLUS a lot of them are rectangle scrappers or do both.. is that a coincidence? I am not sure, most of them have been with me since my very first CT call more then a year ago. Oddly, 3 of them have a DD around the same age as Cassidy too lol. They are all super nice, super supportive and I want to show them off to you. I think they will inspire you like they do me. So, I will spotlight them over the next week or so -- You squares out there -- I have some awesome Square LOs I will show you as well!

So, my first one will be Meredith Cardall - mcardall -- She actually joined my CT when I begged her on this blog (haha, seriously, I have been a long-time admirer and followed her scraps on rakscraps).

So, I can't show you all her stuff lately, because she has been pumping out amazing LO after amazing LO. Check out her gallery here - mcardalls RAKSCRAPS Gallery. BUT, I will show you some of my recent favorites -- and even those are hard to narrow down. Her style is fun and clean and her daughter is oh so sweet.

Sleepy - using my Dreaming in Technicolor Kit

Upwardly Mobile using my Catch Some Coral Kit

Getting Comfy - using my Bath Time kit

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:59 PM) : 

Great spotlight. Keep them coming - I always need more rectangle ideas!


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