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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Secret to Stunning 6X4 Cards / Brag Book Layouts!

Keeping this up -- it is the info I gave in my crop last night and thought it may help you all :)

Here is my secret to making stunning 6X4 LOs, without having to resize every paper and element!

Shhhh.. don't tell everyone (haha)....

  1. Ok, Open up a canvas -- instead of 12X12, make it 12 X 8 (or 8 X12)
  2. Drag and drop the papers you want -- You should get a really good representation of the paper, only loosing a few inches :) You can resize if you want - but not needed.
  3. Drag and drop your elements -- no resizing really necessary since the designer created them for a 12X12 canvas anyways -- so they should be fairly close to the size you want.
  4. Plop your picture on your page just as you normally would -- here, the important thing is to really be picky with your photos. Try to use close-ups as much as possible. It is also OK to use multiple photos if you are cropping them really close in - believe me, I have done it and they look awesome. The reason you want close-ups is because your print will be 6X4, so you don't want anything really small.
  5. OK, when you are done your LO - Simply resize it and save it as a JPG -- you can resize it to 6X4 ! Voila, a perfect LO that you can use as a card or you can create a great portable brag book.

Need an inspirational sketch for your RAK card -- look no further!

Comments on "My Secret to Stunning 6X4 Cards / Brag Book Layouts!"


Blogger Isak's Mom said ... (1:31 AM) : 

I missed the card chat Ginger but was there later and I was so fortunate to get the kits from your crop!
Great idea and I can't wait to make some cards.


Blogger Melissa said ... (4:46 PM) : 

now why didnt *I* think of that?!? LOL. Great tip!


Anonymous meesh said ... (9:16 PM) : 

ok- I had no idea you could drag n drop---I'll try that when I get back to my puter- i'm w/out psp today


Anonymous Raji said ... (8:12 AM) : 

Wow! what a cool idea. Thanks Ginger.


Blogger Audrey said ... (11:50 PM) : 

Oh, I think I am going to make some 4x 6 layouts for a brag book for grandparents! Thanks for the hints!


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