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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stories - Jen Wilson - need to blog this

OK, I have been waiting in anticipation for this full line to come out -- a while back, Jen Wilson (who I loooooove) had a contest to submit stories into her and winning submissions would have a kit built for them. Well, I won with the story of my daughter and mother in law -- so finally ysterday, my kit came out -- #7 in the line -- called Family Circles! Also, i thought I was just getting this kit -- but turns out I am getting the WHOLE Line. My MIL is about to start treatment again, so I think I will use the line to make a nice inspirational book to keep her spirits up. Check out the line -- it is beautiful

For those of you who don't know the story of Cassidy and her Nanny -- it goes like this:

It was September, 2003 - I was really not feeling very
well. Always tired, upset stomach and just feeling run
down. I thought maybe I had over worked myself. My
mother in law was feeling the same way and we often
wondered if we had caught the same bug.

After going to lunch with a friend and telling her how
I felt - she told me I was pregnant.. I didn’t believe
her, my fiancé and I had been together for
nearly 11 years – not once did we even have false
scares. We just thought, we probably wouldn’t be
blessed with children. However, as it got into my
head, I thought I had better check. 5 POSTIVE HPT
tests later, I finally realized she was right.

My mother in law was ecstatic when we told her the
news. She has been seeing doctors too - but her news
wasn’t as great as ours - the doctors had found a
tumour on her ovary. She started getting really sick –
having been a cancer survivor before (throat and
thyroid) she just didn’t feel she had the strength to
fight it again. This gave her something to hold onto –
and fight!
In January 2004, she was hospitalized, and
they thought she wouldn’t make it much longer. She said she wanted to
be strong enough to see the baby when it was born. In February, I was
diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes - and they told me I would be
induced early. I might even have the baby for my birthday in April. My
mother in law said it would be much more special to have the baby on her birthday.
More than a month early! I laughed and said no way!

That month, my mother in law had a 16 lbs tumor removed .. and Guess what?
March 28th rolled around, my mother in law’s birthday and sure enough,
my daughter Cassidy Kathleen decided to give her a
present – and was born on her BIRTHDAY!

So we know Cassidy was sent as our Little Angel – to not only
bless our lives but to give my MIL something to show
her she had the strength to fight it again. And almost
two years later, she is still fighting.

Here is a link to a scrap I did -- my MIL keeps this on her fridge -

Comments on "Stories - Jen Wilson - need to blog this"


Blogger Robin said ... (11:43 PM) : 

What an amazing story Ginger! You def deserve a Jen Wilson kit! That is so cool. I'm off to check out the kit now.


Blogger mRsGaToR said ... (9:39 PM) : 

I have read this story before and I cried. I read it again tonite and cried again. This is so touching and beautiful! And congrats to you!


Blogger Rachael Giallongo said ... (10:22 PM) : 

What an amazing story!!!!!!!!


Blogger Meredith said ... (4:46 PM) : 

oh my goodness! this made me cry! what a special little girl and a special Nanny! my prayers are with your mother-in-law!


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